Belgian beers are a mainstay of hop connoisseurs the world over, and for good reason. Full of flavour and bursting with character, the vast array of Belgian beers brewed each year give us plenty of delicious tipples to keep things interesting. Whether you’re a fan of something dark and brooding, blonde and playful, or fruity and fun-loving, there’s always the perfect Belgian brew to suit your mood.

And yet how many delicious beers from the country of Gambrinus go unnoticed, overshadowed by more famous brews? 

Apparently, more than you realised. That’s why we’ve decided to go on the hunt for the most delicious, lesser-known, Belgian beers that have been playing hide and seek may have escaped your notice! 

Here are our top picks for delicious Belgian beers you may have missed, but definitely can’t afford to miss out on! 

Achel Blond 

If you are head over heels with a good Trappist beer but want to try something different from the regular -yet delicious- Chimay, this blond might be the right choice!

Achel Bruin

We’ve just introduced you to Achel and we feel like it has the potential to become one of your favourites. Feel like enjoying a dark Trappist beer with a hint of brown sugar? Then go for an Achel Bruin!

Boon Frambozen 

Ooooh Lambic beers! So enjoyable and yet so underestimated. Boon Frambozen is a quirky, raspberry flavoured lambic that is guaranteed to start a party in your mouth!

Boon Kriek 

Another delicious brew, and another fruity flavour: it’s the time you get to know the magnificent Boon Kriek. This is a 100% cherry beer, aged in oak barrels. This is so delicious and authentic that you will want to make it one of your five a day!

Bourgogne Des Flandres

Yes, we know. Usually, old beer equals bad beer: what if we told you that Flemish breweries have the secret to make even old beer special? Bourgogne des Flander is a traditional, creamy red Flemish beer that is made by mixing new and old beer together. Worth a try!

Brewmaster’s Selection Wild Tripel Hop

What’s better than one kind of hop? Three kinds of hops. Brewed using Petrus Tripel and Cascade and Amarillo hops, Brewmaster seems to be a legit brewmasterpiece!

Brugse Zot Blonde 

Traditional Flemish golden beer. Its name translates to “the fool of Bruges”, but the only fools are the ones who don’t enjoy one of these!

Brugse Zot Sportzot Alcohol Free

The first, traditional, Flemish beer, completely alcohol-free. You will definitely have more than one.

Floris Fraises – Strawberry Beer

Before beer cocktails even existed, fruity beers were already one of our favourites. Floris Fraises is a wheat Belgian which gets its character by being blended with strawberry juice. Outrageously delicious.

Floris Framboise – Raspberry Beer

Another delicious wheat beer with a delicious fruity twist. This time, it’s raspberry. 

Floris Kriek – Cherry Beer

Yes, Floris seems to enjoy fruit thoroughly. But who can blame them, right? This wheat is harmoniously united with cherry juice. Yum!

Floris Mango

The world is filled with cherry and berry beers, but have you ever tried a mango beer? This smooth and wheaty beer is definitely to try.

Floris Passion – Passion Fruit Beer

Another fruity treat from the very same producers of Delirium. This time, wheat beer meets passion fruit. Aren’t you excited to try it?

Gouden Carolus Ultra

Low in alcohol but full in taste. This dry and spiced beer from Het Enker is an amazing example of a top-fermented beer.

Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple

This is not just a beer: it’s a monument! No, quite literally, Gulden Draak represents the gilded statue on top of the bell-tower in Ghent. Worth trying, for the sake of history!

Jupiler 0.0%

If you’re thirsting after our delicious Belgian Beers and despairing because you’re off alcohol right now – or never partake in anything alcoholic – Jupiler is the beer for you. Winner of the “World’s Best No Alcohol Lager” award by the World Beer Awards, it’s got all the taste of the finest Belgian brew, with none of the alcohol. Perfect if you’re T-Total, pregnant, detoxing, or simply don’t enjoy getting tipsy!

Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad 

Well-balanced dark, Belgian Quadrupel. Because we love a good fruity beer, but what about a nice chocolate one?

Kasteel Cuvee du Chateau

Malty and both bitter and sweet, this typical quadruple is definitely worth more than one sip.

Liefmans Kriek Brut

In 2015, it was awarded a Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards for the category of “Belgium’s Best Kriek / Framboise”. This amazing brew is realised with fresh cherries macerated in old brown beer, and it’s then finished with a one-year-long maturation process. 

Lindemans Apple

We know a lot about cider, but apple beer is a whole other world. This Lindemans is made by blending lambic beer and apple juice.

Lindemans Faro Lambic

Sweet, sour and one of the oldest Belgian beers. It is made by blending an oak-aged lambic with candy sugar, giving it its characteristic taste.

Lindemans Pecheresse

Sinful and peachy. What is it? Now stop wondering, you dirty-minded: it’s la Pecheresse! This amazing beer mixes beer and peach juice. 

Moinette Brune

Four special malts contribute to creating this amazing “brunette”. This light brown Abbey beer will be enough for you to stop looking at blondes!

Mongozo Banana

Did someone say BANANA? Yes, we did! Exotic and yet traditional – banana beer is a typical beer amongst the Masai people- this Mongozo will have your taste buds jet-lagged in no time!

Mongozo Mango

Belgian beer meets Brazilian fair trade mangoes: if this isn’t the recipe for success, I don’t know what is!

Mongozo Premium Pilsner

Organic, fair trade and gluten-free. Aren’t you thirsty for something that ‘s good for your body as well as your soul?

Oud Beersel Framboise 37.5cl

Classic raspberry lambic, widely loved and appreciated amongst beer lovers. Try it to enjoy its complexity!

Oude Kriek Oud Beersel 37.5cl

A.A.A traditional lambic looking for sour cherries to create an unforgettable Belgian beer. Seriously, you only have to try it!

Chimay 150

The latest addition to the Chimay family is a little otherworldly. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re really missing a treat. A strong, pale blonde brew of the finest Trappist tradition, this was crafted to celebrate the brewery’s 150th birthday and it’s certainly worthy of the occasion! 

Westmalle Extra

Fancy drinking the same beer the Trappist monks enjoy at lunchtime? Then this is the right choice! Careful, though, as it is only brewed twice a year!

Rochefort Extra

Golden, full-bodied and extremely rich. An amazing Trappist triple to quench your thirst with.

Leffe Ruby

This love marriage between Leffe beer and red fruit is guaranteed to become one of your favourite summer drinks.

Chouffe Blanche

La Chouffe, but make it wheaty. Seriously, what else is there to say about this?

Grisette Blanche

Produced by St. Feuillien, this organic wheat beer is rather refreshing yet complex. You will definitely want to have more than one sip.

St Bernardus Wit

We love St.Bernardus, quite religiously. This is their classic wit beer but in a fancily illustrated can. 

Duvel 6,66

We found more than one reason to try this. As a matter of fact, we found 666.

St Feuillien Five

Blonde specialty belgian beer with a 5% ABV. For the drinkers who fancy an uncomplicated drink.

Poperings Hommelbier

Flemish. Pale. Bitter. This is what they call a “living beer” and, with it containing twice the normal ratio of hops, extremely bitter. 

Gouden Carolus Classic

Also known as “The Emperor’s Beer”, I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to try this ruby and fresh Flemish beer.

Moinette Ambree

The newest product of the Brasserie Dupont, this amber beer requires five different malts in the fermentation process. As far as we’re concerned, that just makes it five times as good!

Only The Best In Belgian Beers…

There’s no doubt in our minds that Belgian beers are the finest beers around. And we all have our favourites. In fact, we’re all a bit guilty of getting stuck in a beer rut when it comes to our favourites. So, why not try something new? If there are a few Belgian beers on this list you’re not familiar with, make sure they get added to your next order – you might just find a new favourite!