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Our Best Beer Gift Suggestions

Whether Christmas is looming, it’s a birthday just around the corner, or you’re trying to cheer up a loved one in a rough patch, beer gifts might just be perfect. With hundreds of options to choose between, and mixed packs

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Rodenbach Beer

Rodenbach is a legendary brewery found in the heart of Roeselare, Belgium. A profound, world class brewery, known for creating it’s barrel-aged sour beer. No other brewery can compete with Rodenbach beer when it comes to specialising in oak-aged beer,

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Dark Beer

Dark beers make up so much of the true belgian beer options, it would be impossible not to share our favourites. The Duchesse de Bourgogne The Duchess de Bourgogne is one of the most popular dark beers we have in

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Behind The Beer: Belgenius Citrus

The Belgenius Citrus Hopped Golden Ale is simple and elegant, not to mention one of our favourites. Made from three citrus hops, it offers a unique, yeasty flavour. The Belgenius Citrus The Belgenius Citrus has been long crafted to showcase

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palm 0.0% bottle and glass

The Best Alcohol Free Beer

We know that drinking a good quality beer is not just about its alcohol content. That’s why we are always replenishing our stock of alcohol free beer, fit for your tastebuds to fall in love with. Palm 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer

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La Trappe Beer

La Trappe Beer

La Trappe beer is one of the world’s most popular. Brewed in accordance with recipes designed by the Trappists, this beer is a truly traditional option.  Why Choose La Trappe? With a slogan that is simply “Taste The Silence”, La

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Kwak Beer

In a world of so many beer options, why not spend a while discovering what traditional Belgian beer should be about? This is where Kwak Belgian beer comes in: full-bodied and intense in flavour, it perfectly represents what true Belgian

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Christmas Mixed Pack Poster

Stock Your Christmas Beers

It’s time to stock your Christmas beers. Being almost that time of year, we are creeping up to Christmas so it’s time to get into the festive spirit. If you haven’t started to stock your Christmas beers, now is the

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Leffe Glass

Our Favourite Leffe beers

Leffe Beer in a known favorite of ours; there is a reason why we stock so much of it. Leffe beer has a general taste of sweet candied sugar, yeasty with some hop bitterness. In addition, you get a taste

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beer bottle packaging

A Surprise Beer Box

If you are spoilt for choice with our range of beers, a subscription box is perfect for you. By joining the Belgian Beer Club you can find yourself receiving mystery box full of unique beers. Every month we piece together

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