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Our new website is now live!

by The Belgian Beer Company 2. July 2014 18:01

It’s taken 6 months to complete, however we feel it has been worth it – our new and improved website is now up and running.

So what has changed? Well, for start, it is mobile and tablet friendly so you can shop to your heart’s content, wherever you are!


You can now sort products by name, price and most viewed. Plus it’s easier and quicker to navigate around the website meaning you don’t have to click on buttons unnecessarily.


We can now offer FREE delivery. This means you won’t pay any delivery charge on orders over £45 (applicable to England, Wales and Southern Scotland). If you live in other parts of the UK and order over £45, then £7.99 will be deducted from your delivery charge as we didn’t want you to miss out.


You can now add specific delivery instructions and / or personalised messages to your order. Ideal if you are sending parcels as gifts.


Plus, all Belgian beers are now available in packs of 6, which means you have more choice and variety.


Some things, however, haven’t changed. You will still pay for goods via a private and secure payment gateway (either via Paypal or Global Iris (HSBC)).


You can still sign up to our newsletter and we promise not to bombard you with marketing emails!


You will still be able to buy a huge range of quality beers that are not available on the high street at competitive prices.


Happy Shopping!


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15th June – Father’s Day

by The Belgian Beer Company 2. June 2014 13:14

Father’s Day is just round the corner so make sure you don’t leave it too late to order your beer gifts!

We have so much to choose from so here’s our guide to the top 5 Father’s Day presents (in no particular order):


1.   Father’s Day Mixed Pack (contains 12 world beers and a free beer glass) -


2.   A bottle of Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whisky -


3.   St Bernadus gift pack (contains 4 different beers and matching glass) -


4.   A 3 month exclusive membership to our Belgian Beer Club (the ultimate gift that keeps on giving) -


5.   A mixture of bottled beers from our pick & mix section -


No matter what your budget is, we have the perfect gift in stock that I’m sure your dad will love and remember!

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It’s arrived!

by The Belgian Beer Company 15. May 2014 13:39

You heard right – Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whisky has FINALLY arrived and we’ve almost drank our first bottle – well, we had to taste it before it was listed, didn’t we?!


Het Anker has been brewing Gouden Carolus beer for a long time but, did you know, the brewery also has a distillery where they’ve made this little beauty? The distillery is called De Molenberg and it’s where this single malt has been made, using their own pot stills.


Basically, it’s made from the Gouden Carolus Tripel beer mash but without the hops and aromatics. It’s quite young at just 3 years old and spends 30 months in 1st fill Bourbon barrels before being poured into Het Anker beer barrels for the remaining 6 months. It comes in a 50cl bottle, although don’t let the small bottle put you off! It’s 46% ABV.


It’s described as a refined whisky with a full and balanced taste. Best served at room temperature (21 degrees) either on its own or with a splash of water.


The perfect gift for any whisky lover!


Retailing at £45.49 per bottle.



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Special Offer and New Products

by The Belgian Beer Company 4. April 2014 16:17

For the month of April, we are giving you all 10% off EVERYTHING when you order via our website and use voucher code SPRINGFORWARD10 at checkout.


We are constantly updating our products and listing new items. Here are just a few:


Duvel Tripel Hop 2014, available in crates and half crates.


Omer. Traditional Blond, available in crates and half crates.


Brasserie Le Fort, available in crates and half crates.


Vanderghinste Oud Bruin, available in crates and half crates.


Birthday Beer Pack, 4 different options to choose from.


Kasteel Rouge, now available by the bottle.


Saison Dupont, now available by the bottle.


Hello my name is Vladamir, now available in crates

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Forthcoming Events

by The Belgian Beer Company 5. March 2014 13:12

Below, you’ll find a list of events we will be exhibiting at that have been confirmed so far:


19th, 20th, 21st April – Chester Food, Drink & Lifestyle Festival, Chester Racecourse


1st June – Stoke Summer Market, King’s Hall, Stoke-on-Trent


5th, 6th July – The Great British Food Festival, Shugborough Hall


5th, 6th, 7th September – Nantwich Food & Drink Festival, Nantwich town centre


20th, 21st September – Cheshire Food Festival, Arley Hall


3rd, 4th, 5th October – The Stone Food & Drink Festival, Westbridge Park


23rd November – Stoke Christmas Market, King’s Hall, Stoke-on-Trent


If you are holding an event and would like us to exhibit, please contact us at

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Valentine’s Day Special

by The Belgian Beer Company 3. February 2014 14:17

For those of you who celebrate St Valentine’s Day on February 14th, here’s a list of gift ideas that your loved one is sure to enjoy:


Beer Gift Packs – we’ve a great selection of Belgian, British and American beer gift packs in stock to suit all budgets and tastes.


Mixed Packs of Beer – ideal if you want to try something different or want to mix things up a little. Most come in packs of 6 but we’ve also put together a couple of half cases of 12 which come with a free beer glass.


Flavoured Jenever Gins – There’s over 20 different flavours to choose from, including a honey flavoured gin with gold leaf. The fruit flavoured gins can be mixed in cocktails, with a mixer, drank neat or even put in Cava / Champagne to make a Bellini-style drink. If you prefer the cream-based chocolate / vanilla ones, then these are delicious poured over ice-cream, neat or used in coffee.


Branded Glassware – not only do we stock Belgian beer glasses, but also world beer glasses and branded spirit glasses that you won’t find on the high street or in a supermarket.


Belgian Beer Club Membership – the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Available in 3, 6 and 12 month memberships. You can now pay monthly if you prefer to spread out the costs (please contact us for more information).

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New Year’s Resolutions

by The Belgian Beer Company 3. January 2014 19:54

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and some quality time off. It’s the start of a new year and we’ve got lots planned for our small business over the next 12 months. We’ve listened to your feedback and taken on board your suggestions. Here’s a sneaky peak of our New Year’s Resolutions, in no set order:


·         More world beers to be added to our site over the next few months. This will include Czech and American beers


·         A bigger pick & mix section so you can try more beers by the bottle


·         A revamped website that will be mobile and tablet friendly


·         Ratebeer to be incorporated into the new website so you can see the reviews and scorings of all beers before you buy


·         Changes to delivery (my lips are sealed for now…)


·         Exhibiting at more events, festivals and shows around Staffordshire and Cheshire



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Have a Very Merry Christmas!

by The Belgian Beer Company 2. December 2013 13:30

With only a couple of weeks left until Christmas, our stock levels are diminishing fast so it’s best to contact us prior to ordering to ensure we can deliver on time. Our last date for delivery this year is the 16th December so don’t leave it too late!


As always, you can email us if you want a personalised message including in your parcel. We also don’t include the invoice if the recipient’s name is different to the person ordering.


We have 2 weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period so orders made after the 16th December will not be dispatched until after the 2nd January 2014, depending on stock. This means that you will need to order your celebratory New Year’s Eve drinks before Christmas. We can recommend the Belgian beer - Deus if you’re looking for something a bit unique and special as it’s a champagne-style blonde beer that is “fizzed” in France. Here’s the link -


Above all, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Thank-you for your custom and we look forward to serving you with the finest drinks again next year!



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What we’ve learnt from exhibiting at food and drink festivals – our top tips

by The Belgian Beer Company 14. November 2013 10:00

This has been our first year exhibiting at external events, such as food and drink festivals and along the way we have picked up a few useful tips, which we’d like to share with fellow small businesses:


  • The most successful events seem to be the ones YOU have to contact in order to get a stall, rather than the events where the event organisers contact you to ask if you want a stall

  • It’s essential you have a BIG, professional-looking banner that sells your business to the general public that you can either hang up behind the stall (preferably) or at least tie onto the front of the table

  • Height matters! Use props on your table, such as shelving (or boxes turned upside down under the tablecloth) to provide different heights on your stall. This will attract the customer’s eye and stop people having to crouch down to see what you’re selling

  • Make sure you put price tags on everything. There’s nothing more off-putting than a customer having to ask how much something is

  • Take more stock than you need. It doesn’t look good if you run out of stock half-way through a festival and have an empty stall

  • Think about when an event is as this will have an impact on its success. For example, is it towards the end of a month when customers don’t have disposable cash?

  • Whether you pay someone to man your stall or you do it yourself, ensure the person is welcoming. Don’t sit down with your arms folded playing on your phone!

  • Take plenty of drinks with you so you don’t become dehydrated

  • If you have a website or shop, give customers a voucher code to encourage them to buy off you again

  • If your first event goes badly, don’t give up!!!


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Don’t leave Christmas shopping until the last minute!

by The Belgian Beer Company 4. October 2013 10:00

This is something I tell myself every year but this year I mean it! We’ve got plenty of gift ideas already in stock on our website, including a huge selection of Belgian, British and even American beer gift packs, starting from as little as £7.


Branded glasses make a great little stocking filler. We don’t just sell beer glasses, but also branded spirit glasses such as Bombay Sapphire and Southern Comfort, as well as branded champagne flutes from big brands like Veuve Clicquot.


We’re also putting together a beer advent calendar this year so that you can count down the days in December with a different beer each day so watch this space!


As always, our Belgian beer club membership is the ultimate gift for any Belgian beer lover and is available in 3, 6 or 12 month periods. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!


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