Earn Points Every Time You Buy

We have a lot of loyal customers and we wanted to reward them with some special offers or treats to say thank you for purchasing from the website – so we came up with the idea of “beer points“.

Beer points are earned by all customers who checkout with a customer account and can be used to gain a discount off any future purchases.

For every £100 you spend in our store you get £5 discount to use on your next purchase. However the great thing about our beer points is that you do not have to wait until you spend £100 to make a saving, you earn and can use points no matter how much you spend.

In order to ensure you get the beer points from each purchase you need to checkout with your account. Otherwise the system does not know who to give the points too. So if you checkout as a guest unfortunately you can not acrue these points.

How Do I Check My Beer Point Total?

You can view how many beer points you have earned by visiting your online account. You can login here.

Your account will then show your beer point history, from what you have earned and also what you have spent and your current total.

How Do I Spend My Beer Points?

Spending your beer points is very easy. You will be notified at the checkout as to your current total and how many points you can use and what the discount will be.

You can choose to use all, some or none of your points each time you checkout as the system is very flexible.

If you spend them all you get a bigger discount, meaning in some cases you could actually get your order for free! And theres nothing better than a free beer!

What If I Don’t Want To Use Them?

Well if you do not want to use them that is fine, they will just sit in your account. However points are not transferrable to other customers and can not be exchanged for real money.

They can only be used on www.thebelgianbeercompany.com however they do not expire.