We get it. 

No, seriously, we do. Having your beer delivered directly to the very couch you are watching the match from is a great benefit. The only thing between you and your drink is the door. Your foamy, refreshing, bubbly beer is at a ring of a doorbell’s distance.

But now that social isolation has ended, it might be reasonable- and even pleasant!- to start going out again.

Here at The Belgian Beer Company we care about your physical activity: that’s one of the reasons why we’ve decided to start our Click & Collect service. 

Find out the 10 Reasons why you need to try our Click & Collect NOW!

#1 You Get To See Our Home…

You’ve probably been spending more time on our website than you would like to admit. We are so thankful for that. And yet, you don’t know where we are and what we look like, and that’s a shame! With our click & collect service you get to drive to our exciting store, see our friendly faces and visit the place where your beer magic happens.  

#2 It Saves You Money…

Yes, at home delivery is quite convenient and practical, if you are ordering a large amount of drinks. Here at The Belgian Beer Company we offer free delivery for orders over 50£, but what if you don’t want to order that much? What if you are simply buying a couple of new bottles to try on your own and you’re not anywhere near spending 50 quids on beer? Yes, you get it. Delivery charges. Start thinking like a CEO of Beer Drinking: the more you spend on delivery the less you can spend on actual beer. Start investing your money wisely and expand your beer horizons.

#3 You Don’t Have To Wait For Delivery…

When the pandemic hit we rejoiced at the thought of having all of our favourite foods and beverages delivered in the comfort of our homes. We surely missed going to the pub, but in a certain way the delivery guy became our new best friend and drinking mate. But with more people ordering, delivery times experienced some significant delays, and many of you had to wait for weeks to taste their beloved beer. 

This is something that won’t happen with Click & Collect. You’ll have your beer the moment your order is ready to be collected, which is sooner than you’d think. 

Say goodbye to your favourite delivery guy – or invite him over to have a pint, because why not?- and be in charge of your deliveries! 

#4 You Get To Do Some Physical Activity…

Yes, beer is delicious. So it’s gin. And there’s no shame in the beer belly we’ve all developed during this year. But doing some physical activity in order to get your beer might be the right strategy to allow you to drink more beer -and reduce your belly in the meantime!

Plus, physical activity will stimulate the production of endorphins, along with having a nice beer and if that isn’t the perfect recipe for a happy evening, I don’t know what is. 


#5 But You Also Don’t Risk Being In A Crowded Shop…

You get to eliminate delivery charges, to visit our store and to do some physical activity, but you won’t risk being in an overcrowded shop. That lowers the risk of getting Covid while giving you a nice shopping experience. 

#6 All The Perks Of Online Shopping…

Online shopping is fun, practical and quick. You get to choose what you want in the matter of a few seconds and then you just have to wait for your order to reach you -which, given the current situation, might take longer than expected. How cool is that? With Click & Collect you won’t be missing any of this. Except for the long wait. You click and collect, quite literally.

#7 You Don’t Risk Your Beers Being Damaged…

Delivery services are great. But with beers often coming in glass bottles and deliveries being jam-packed, the risks of your order being damaged, or broken on its way to your doorstep are really high. That won’t happen if you are the one in charge of picking up the beers.  

#8 They’re Ready To Go…

We all have busy lives after coming back to our regular routine. Nobody hardly has the time for their hobbies, let alone waiting for the delivery to show up at random times, missing them and having to wait for another 24 hours to drink a beer. It’s exhausting even to read! With Click & Collect you get to pick up your order as soon as it’s ready. Just grab it on your way from home and spend the rest of your evening relaxing -without hovering over your window to see if your order is being delivered.

#9 It’s REALLY Cheaper!

Yes. We are repeating ourselves, but it is. Truly. No delivery charges, no minimum order.  You are in charge of how much you are spending on your order, without any unexpected surcharge. You pay for what you get: just plain old fresh beer. You Click, You Collect, You Drink it.

#10 Why Aren’t You Clicking And Collecting, Yet?! You Get A Free Glass!!!

Yes, we should have said this sooner. If you Click And Collect you get a free glass with your order. 

To recap: with Click & Collect you get to choose the beer you want to drink from an excitingly vaste catalogue, to pick it up when it’s more convenient and to have a new, completely free glass to drink your beer with.

Seriously, why aren’t you Clicking & Collecting, yet??

“Lost Is All The Time That You Don’t Spend On Beer”

Isn’t this how the poem goes? No? Well, whatever. Start collecting your beers, save money and invest on more drinks. 

Choose from our catalogue, and select “Click & Collect” from our checkout section.

You’re just one click away from tonight’s beer!