Leffe Beer in a known favorite of ours; there is a reason why we stock so much of it. Leffe beer has a general taste of sweet candied sugar, yeasty with some hop bitterness. In addition, you get a taste of alcohol due to the strength of the beer.  Today we are going to be looking at our personal picks for the top 5 beers made by Leffe, that we personally recommend you try.

Number 5: Leffe Triple

The number 5 spot was difficult to pick as there are many which could be placed here. We ended up choosing the Leffe Triple. This is a cloudy beer that is not filtered so there is some sediment at the bottom. Leffe Triple has three times as much malt as a normal beer, this gives it it’s own unique bitter taste, anyone who is a fan of bitter would love this. It was awarded the bronze medal, in 2015, at the World Beer Awards for the category, “Belgian Style Triple.” That’s what we call quality, strong bitter.

Number 4: Leffe Blonde

In at number four we have chosen the Leffe Blonde, this is an amber-coloured beer with a frothy head. It has a subtle banana taste as well as a hint of vanilla. This is the reason it has taken the number four spot. With a well balanced, unique flavor, it took the gold medal home at the World Beers Awards in the category, “World’s Best Belgian Style Blonde.” If you have a sweet tooth, this beer is definitely for you!

Number 3: Leffe Brune

Moving on to the top 3, we have the Leffe Brune. This slightly bitter beer gives off the aroma of toffee and caramel. It won the bronze medal at the World Beer Awards for the category of “World’s Best Dark Belgian Style Dubbel.” Highly recommended for any bitter lover.

Number 4: Leffe Royale

At number two we have Leffe Royale. This is a top-fermented beer, that was brewed using three different kinds of hops, giving it a really citrusy, zesty lemon aroma. This is Royale a taste that lives up to the name, a slightly bitter taste with hints of banana and vanilla. It won the silver award at the World Beer Awards, in 2017, for the category of “Pale Beer.”

Number 1: Leffe 9 Rituel

Taking the crown we have chosen the Leffe 9 Rituel, there is so much to say about this beer that a blog doesn’t do it justice. It has the highest ABV out of all the Leffe beers rocking in at 9%. It has a beautiful, deep, golden colour making it look as good as it tastes. Tasting similar to the Leffe Blonde beer, this is best slowly, ideally after a nice dinner. It won the gold medal in 2015 at the World Beer Awards, for the category, “World’s Best Belgian Style Strong Pale Ale.”  It was also awarded a gold medal at the World Beer Awards 2017 for the category “World’s Best Belgian Style Strong.” This is a testament to how good this beer truly is.