The creators of Chouffe Beer pride themselves on creating a light, lovable blonde beer with just enough kick. Refreshing, clean and citrusy, there’s enough flavour packed into every Chouffe to make you love every taste.

If you’re looking for a new blonde beer option, we think this might be a perfect choice. But, just in case you need some more convincing, we have run through some of our favourite variations. There’s bound to be one you love just as much as we do.

Cherry Chouffe

We know that, sometimes, a fruit beer is just what you need. That’s why we think Cherry Chouffe is just about perfect.

As its name might suggest, this beer is infused with a strong cherry flavour. But that’s not all: hints of strawberries, almonds and spices can also be detected.

A smooth, tasty beer, it is no surprise that Cherry Chouffe went home with the bronze medal in the “World’s Best Flavoured Fruit & Vegetable” category at the 2019 World Beer Awards.

As far as Chouffe Beer goes, this option stands out as one of the most delicious. We don’t really have to wonder, then, why it is also one of the most popular.

Cherry Chouffe Beer Bottle
Chouffe Soleil Bottle

Chouffe Soleil

Is there anything better than sitting in the sun with a nice, cold beer? We don’t think so. And if that’s your idea of a perfect afternoon, we have the beer for you.

Chouffe Soleil, literally named after the French word for Sun, is ideal for enjoying in warm weather.

As far as its flavour profile goes, Chouffe Soleil is packed with light, calming aromas. Scents of elderflower and chamomile can be noted throughout, and a touch of vanilla adds a sweet undertone.

Unfiltered and re-fermented in the bottle, this version of Chouffe Beer has a noticeable kick.

Chouffe Blanche

The original Chouffe beer, Chouffe Blanche is as refreshing a wheat beer as they come.

With both spicy and citrusy notes in equal amount, this beer is an easy to drink thirst quencher. Fruity aromas complement it perfectly, and ensure its drinking experience is second to none.

At The Belgian Beer Company, we know that our Chouffe Beer collection will give you the chance to taste some of Belgium’s premium light beers.

Try one out today, and find out whether you think as highly of this beer collection as you can be sure we do.

chouffe blanche bottle