We could talk about how much we love Belgian beer for hours, that much is obvious. But there aren’t many Belgian beers that we like as much as Bavik beer, an un-diluted Pilsner with a truly exceptional taste.

A Unique Brewing Experience

This drink’s unique taste and aroma are down to a four-step brewing process that is unlike anything traditional Pilsner brewers would expect.

First, its promise of an un-diluted finish gives every hop and added flavour an extra intensity.

But that isn’t all; Bavik beer is only brewed with aroma hops, giving it the added promise of a powerful flavour profile.

Next up is the maturing process, as important a step as any when it comes to brewing the perfect beer. De Brabandere Brewery, the creators behind the Bavik beer, taut their long, cold maturation process for giving their beer its signature taste.

And finally, for this beer pasteurization is – according to its architects – out of the question. This adds to the pale yellow, clear colour that the beer prides itself on.

Bavik Pils Can
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Bavik Super Pils

With all of these elements, it really is no surprise that Bavik has risen to the rank of ‘super pils’ in its tenure.

A malty bitterness comes through in the taste of this beer throughout the drinking process, and its clarity gives it an undeniably beautiful appearance.

The brewers responsible for this beer laud their process for creating a stable, natural flavour that beer-lovers and relative novices alike can’t help but keep coming back to.

The Bavik Super Pils finishes with a soft, round aftertaste that makes it almost impossible not to go back for a second.

The History of Bavik Beer

The current Bavik beer is still brewed in exactly the same way as it was in 1894, making it a perfect example of a Belgian beer that works to remind the world of its country’s long-standing traditions of creating top-quality beer.

Its uncompromised flavour has made it a favourite beer of Belgium since its founding over a century ago, and this trajectory doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

But whilst this beer has grown along with other exceptional Belgian beers, we can never get too far away from the fact that nobody brews their beer quite like the brewers responsible for this ever-unique drink.

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The Belgian Beer Company

At The Belgian Beer company, we pride ourselves on curating an ever-expanding collection of truly original Belgian Beer.

Bavik beer has had a long-standing place amongst this select group, and for good reason.

If you’re looking to see what all of the fuss is about, make sure you pick up a few cans of Bavik super Pils from our online shop today.