Belgian beer has quickly become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages across the world. From beer shops like ours dedicated almost exclusively to the delectable Belgian brews, to winning multiple awards across various categories in the World Beer Awards, Belgian Beer is definitely here to stay. But what exactly makes it so good?

We’re going to attempt to answer that question, with a little more depth than just ‘because it’s tasty,’ as true as it might be. First off, you’ve got to think about the way it’s brewed, and the years of experience, tradition and innovation that has gone into the Belgian brewing industry over the years. In short, the first important factor is the: 


Sheer Variety.

One of the main reasons Belgian Beer is so popular, is because there’s just so much of it. No, seriously – there’s so many different types it’s a wonder how it can all fit in the country. From pale lager to amber ales, lambic, sour beer, red ales, trappist beers, abbey beers, fruit beers… the list goes on. So, realistically, Belgian beer has something for everyone. Everyone knows variety is the spice of life. And with all this variety comes the ever-present factor of: 



It’s no secret that almost all Belgian Beers have their own unique label and branded, shaped glass. Which is quite surprising when you consider just how many different beers and brands there are – just another one of the reasons Belgian beer really goes the extra mile. Perhaps one of the most strikingly unique glasses is the Pauwel Kwak, which in and of itself brings so much:


Belgian Beers Available 

Scintillating Character.

If there’s one truth about Belgian beer, it’s the rich history and character that surrounds the whole process of brewing to marketing. From the adored Trappist beers to the worldwide names such as Duvel and Leffe, Belgian beers bring such a great story and feeling that it’s almost impossible to ignore.

So, if you’ve not yet indulged in the fine taste of Belgium Beer, we might ask, what are you waiting for? There are so many different varieties to choose from, and the best part is, you can purchase most bottled beers (apart from British) by the bottle, so you can choose your own selection without having to purchase full crates or packs!

If you’re ready to educate your tastebuds, here’s how to order.