Rodenbach is a legendary brewery found in the heart of Roeselare, Belgium. A profound, world class brewery, known for creating it’s barrel-aged sour beer. No other brewery can compete with Rodenbach beer when it comes to specialising in oak-aged beer, and it’s believed that they have the largest collection of wood-aged beer in the world.


If you have been wondering how Rodenbach beer has an amazing flemish red colour then we have the secrets used in the brewing rooms to achieve this. It all stems from the long maturation process in the oak foeder, drawing out the reaction from the coloured malts, which directly determines the colour of the beer.  These mixed-fermented malts have been darkened in the Kiln and left for up to three years to mature.


It’s something like no other. An extraordinary flavour, conjoined with the gorgeous aromas of cherry and plum which lie closely to that of red wine. Thanks to the malts used not only does this resemble the colour, but also a large portion of how the beers taste. However, you cannot forget the hops, which are extremely important for the development of the sour flavouring which comes at a perfect balance alongside the sweetness of the beer. Never too much or too little. The yeast used by Rodenbach beers is very unique, to the point where it’s been used by other breweries to develop their own special beers. You cannot go wrong with Rodenbach beer. A bold sour presence is held back by the sweetness of the berries, which results in a delicate mix. It is an easy drink with the perfect amount of sweet and sour.

The Rodenbach Beer Range

You have never been more spoilt for choice, a good range of Rodenbach beers are available for you to choose. If you are the type of person to enjoy a sweet beer, filled with the flavour and aroma of berries then Rodenbach Fruitage has an amazing blend of red fruits. On the other hand if you are looking for more of a strong presence red ale then the award winning Rodenbach Grand Cru is one made not to disappoint. A great ale to share with family and friends.

The Belgian Beer Company

The Belgium Beer Company has a wide range of Rodenbach beers for you to buy. The world’s best dark ale is also available, so you best not miss out! If you are looking to stock up on fantastic barrel-aged beer, then Rodenbach is the best place to start. An array of berry flavouring mixed with a dominant blend of sourness, there is nothing more to ask for in a beer.