Leffe Beer is a worldwide favourite. So much so, that everyone who knows anything about the world of Belgian Beer can attest to its brilliance.

We at The Belgian Beer Company carry more than enough Leffe to help you indulge in one of the hundreds of options they have on offer.

But why do we love Leffe beer as much as we do? Well, the simple response is: how could we not!

Leffe Beer: A History

Leffe’s history is written right into its catch phrase: “Leffe, Brewed by centuries”.

Founded in 1152, the creators of this meteoric beer have had hundreds of years to perfect their craft.

Marketed as “Abbey Beers”, the Leffe range is steeped in the traditions of the past. Perhaps that is why so many people across the world trust Leffe as their beer of choice.

The Leffe Range

In its centuries of growth and wisdom, the Leffe brand has spread into more than just traditional Abbey Beers.

From the classic Leffe Tripel, a cloudy non-filtered beer that leaves sediment at the bottom of the bottle, to the unique banana taste of the Leffe Blonde, the collection is ever-expanding.

They even take advantage of seasonal markets, producing Leffe Winter in time for Christmas.

Whatever the additional flavour, this pale ale has a seductively rich flavour and enough kick to keep your taste buds interested.

If you are looking for a more subtle flavour, Leffe Blonde enjoys an elegant, smooth flavour. It doesn’t stray too far from its roots, though, bringing in a slightly spicy aftertaste reminiscent of the rest of the range.

Our Top Pick: Leffe Brune

With such a wide range of Leffe Beer on offer, it is almost impossible to pick a favourite. We have tried our best, though, to give you a great idea of what we think tops the bunch.

The Leffe Brune is a rich, bitter iteration of the traditional Leffe Beer. Infused with aromas of toffee and caramel, and 50% more bitter than Leffe Blonde, it is an award winning example of how dark beer should be created.

The addition of darkly roasted malt provides a deep, dark brown colour to the beer while also adding to its sweet flavour.

All in all, these choices make the Leffe Brune a sophisticated, refined option for drinkers looking for intense aromas and wide taste profiles.

More At The Belgian Beer Company

At The Belgian Beer Company, we stock hundreds of beers from across the world (although our speciality is Belgian beer).

From the Duvel to the dark, rich Leffe Brune, we have offerings for every palette and taste.

And if you can’t decide which you want to try first, our mixed packs mean you don’t have to pick; we will choose for you.