We all have at least one beer-loving friend who’s always ready to open a new beer-themed gift. 

But what if we suddenly ran out of ideas? A can of dull beer from the supermarket can only do so much. And we’re sure your friend won’t hold many fond memories of the gift you gave them!

Well, fear no more because we are packed with lots of amazing gift ideas that will have you up and ready for birthdays and holidays in no time!

The only thing you’ll have to know is what your friend likes. Here’s some of the absolute best Belgian Beer Gifts packs…

Duvel / Duvel Tripel Hop Gift Pack

One of the most iconic Belgian beers delivered right to your door in an amazing package including an amazing glass. If it’s true what they say on their website – that it’s the best Belgian Blonde in the world- your friends are certainly going to appreciate this gift.

Westmalle Mixed Gift Pack

This is one of the most perfect gifts for someone who loves Trappist beers. This Westmalle gift pack comes with one bottle of dubbel, one of tripel, and a glass.

Chimay Mixed Gift Pack

Does your friend have rather traditional tastes, when it comes to his brew? Well, then maybe you should be investing in one of our all time classics, the Chimay mixed gift pack!

Coming with three bottles of this staple of the Trappist kind, it’s the perfect gift idea for someone who either already is a fan of Chimay or would like to know it better.

La Trappe Mixed Gift Pack

Is your friend more than just a mere Trappist enthusiast? Do they dream of leaving the world behind and retire in an abbey to brew beers, surrounded by like-minded beer lovers? Well then maybe a complete La Trappe mixed gift pack is the right idea for them. It contains 4 bottles of La Trappe and a glass. 

Tripel Karmeliet Gift Pack

Does your friend enjoy a nice Tripel? Well, lucky for them we have an amazing Tripel Karmeliet gift pack that is guaranteed to exceed all of your expectations.

Chouffe Discovery Gift Pack

Let’s be honest here: can you even call yourself a beer lover if you don’t appreciate a nice, easy-going beer like La Chouffe, from time to time? This package is the perfect gift if you have a friend who’s new to the world of beer and might not appreciate more complex tastes. With this Chouffe discovery pack, you will get 1 bottle of Chouffe Soleil,1 bottle of Houblon Chouffe, 1 bottle of Cherry Chouffe and 1 beer glass. Perfect for getting started with beers!

Brugse Zot Mixed Gift Pack

This beer has a fool in its name and logo, and we suspect it’s so good it will make you crazy about it. This package contains 4 bottles, 2 of blonde and 2 of brown, and a glass to serve them with. It’s the perfect gift for that one friend who’s known to be the jester of the company and without whom you would all be significantly more bored! 

Plus, of course, Brugse Zot is DELICIOUS.

Delirium Tremens Gift Pack

Now, this is a hardcore gift for all of your hardcore friends. This extremely popular Belgian Beer is guaranteed to make your tastebuds delirious for more! 

Plus, it comes with 4 bottles and one of Delirium’s amazing glasses! 

Delirium Discovery Gift Pack

I mean, I would personally buy all of Delirium’s packages just for their bedazzling elephant-shaped glasses. But their beer is something no beer lover can miss. That’s why a discovery pack could be a nice idea! Coming with 4 bottles in the varieties of Red, Nocturnum, Argentum and Tremens, it’s a nice starter box for anyone who enjoys Belgian beer and elephants!

Rochefort Gift Pack

Yes, we do LOVE Trappist beers. But I mean, who doesn’t? With this package, you will receive three bottles and two glasses. Perfect if you are planning on gifting your friend with all the ingredients for a Trappist themed happy hour!

Kwak Gift Pack

And then we have the Pauwel Kwak. One of these beers that are just as good as they are aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t know Kwak, it’s time that you learn more about this delicious spiced Flemish beer. In this package, you will find everything you need to get started, including its famous and curious glass! And believe us: it’s WORTHY. 

Deus Gift Pack

This is the perfect gift for all of your friends who think that beer is of a lesser category than wine and need to be taught a lesson in taste. Also known as the “champagne” of beers, it will show your friends that there’s more to beer than filthy pubs and low-quality ales!

Duvel Barrel Aged Bourbon Batch No. 3

A special gift for all of your friends who enjoy this devilish Belgian. This Duvel is aged in Bourbon oak barrels for around 6 months, making it slightly stronger than the normal one. 

What About Our Beer Club?

Now it’s time for you to tell us if you love your friends. And how much do you love them? If the answer is “very much” consider skipping our regular gift boxes and choose our very best gift: a subscription to our beer club.

How does that work?

Much like other popular food and drink subscription packages, each month you will be delivered a mystery box containing a wide selection of products of our choice. 

We have many price options available, starting from £24.99 a month for 6 bottles of delicious beer, making it a flexible and valuable option to gift your friends and family with!

Give A Beer: It’s More Than A Drink, It’s A Belgian Beer Gift!

When you gift someone a beer you are not just offering them a nice drink. You are also offering them the opportunity to make a tasting experience and, possibly, to share it with you! 

It’s not about beer: it’s about friendship!

Now give your friends some love and get them their well-deserved beer!