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Fritz Kola is a relatively new addition to the cola universe. Having only been founded in 2003, it now rivals only Coke for the number of bottles sold across Europe.

That’s why we at The Belgian Beer company carry four different options to try from.

Our options include the original Frintz Kola creation and a caramel coffee bottle that makes sure to keep its promise of all-natural ingredients.

Why Fritz Kola?

When creating their first product, the founders of Fritz Kola decided that their cola would have to be one of a kind. So, they included less sugar and more caffeine than any other major cola company.

This decision, coupled with the choice to begin flavouring all of their cola with natural lemon juice, gives their creation a unique flavouring.

With no artificial sugars added, the bitter taste of the lemon juice has formed the basis for all future Fritz Kola creations.

It creates a more natural, zesty taste and leaves consumers with, they think, a more refreshing drink.

As the business has continued to grow, new creations are added all the time. The most recent options include a coffee cola, packed with caffeine and natural caramel flavouring.

With an underlying kick from its natural flavourings and a move away from using only sugar to flavour cola beverages, these drinks offer a unique option in a saturated market.

And whatever this company might be working on, the company makes sure to stick to its routes. They promise only to work with businesses that they feel maintain their ethos.

A Responsible Cola Company

Founded on a principle of sustainable and natural production, Fritz kola utilises natural fruit juice and caffeine for all of its products.

They even omit plastics from their bottling process. The reason? They think glass bottles ensure the taste of Fritz remains the same throughout its shipping process.

Responsible production seems to be a staple of the company’s ethos; they shout from the rooftops about their upcycling process and vegan products.

In fact, if sustainability is important to you, you can’t find a more eco-friendly cola business anywhere in Europe.

And all of this work improves the taste of the cola, not just the carbon footprint of the business.

The Fritz Kola business has now become an enterprise, promoting not only their drink but musicians, artists and underground creators.

Their platform of authentic, engaging consumer products has become a hot-bed for responsible creatives.

It is no wonder that cola fanatics across Europe are choosing to turn to this business instead of bigger corporations. They deal in responsibility and authenticity above all else.