Are you a beer connoisseur and a great party host? Now that socialisation is finally possible again, you might want to greet your friends with a beer themed get together.

After a long year of isolation, they might be feeling excessively parched, and you certainly want to make sure you buy the right amount of beer to soothe their thirst.

The right solution? What about a nice old keg? 

All of our kegs don’t require a machine, so you can pour your own pints in the comfort of your own home. They just need to be chilled ahead of time and can be recycled afterwards, making them the perfect choice for an eco-friendly party.

Let us guide you through our choice of kegs so that you can choose your next signature drink for your parties and can plan your menu accordingly – like a true pro!

After a year of party can’t, it’s party can time!

Paulaner Munchner Hell, The Lady From Bavaria…

This might be the right choice if you and your friends love the nice and uncomplicated taste of a lager, but still looking for a top quality one. 

Brewed in Munich and delivered right to your door, it’s the perfect drink to go with a barbecue. Its sparkling character will wash down quickly any choice of party foods you might have, letting you have your own Oktoberfest at home.

Our suggestion?

Go for a classic bratwurst with coleslaw and a side of chips. 

Feeling fancy? 

Any choice of meat – but we suggest baby back ribs- marinated in beer and barbecued, will quickly win over your friend’s appetites. 

Veltin Pilsener, a choice of Purity….

Not many beers are awarded a purity standard, but this certainly is. What does it mean? Well, for starters, that it’s still being produced according to the traditional recipe and that its ingredients are strictly limited to barley, hops and water. 

The final product is an elegant and smooth beer with a distinct citrus flavour, perfect for refreshing your guests. 

Our food suggestion?

We think it would get along amazingly well with your choice of grilled fish with a spinach salad and a lemon dressing.

Feeling fancy?

Poached salmon with a Pilsener sauce and a side of couscous will gain you the reputation of the greatest party host ever.

Delirium Red, The Cherrylicious…

Brewed in Belgium and drank all over the world, the Delirium Red was awarded a country medal at the World Beer Awards for the category of “World’s Best Flavoured Fruit & Vegetable”. Its distinct sour cherry taste and deep red colour make it the perfect choice for a dessert beer. 

Our suggestion?

A nice chocolate pudding with fresh berries would be the perfect fit. 

Feeling fancy?

Serve your guest an amazing Black Forest Cake and you’ll be ready for the next Great British Bake Off edition!

Delirium Tremens, The Hardcore…


Now this is an hardcore beer for hardcore guests. Flemish, golden and incredibly strong, Delirium Tremens takes its name after the well known syndrome. But fear not: a pint or two won’t be enough to give you the shakes!

Its explosive and round taste makes a wonderful match with anything sharp and tangy.

Our suggestion?

Anything with a nice selection of sharp cheeses. A charcuterie board with truffle honey, for example!

Feeling fancy?

Well, there’s nothing fancier than a well done mac and cheese! Choose carefully your cheese ( cheddar, chevre, and parmesan) and you’re good to go. 

Paulaner Hefe Weissbier, The Opulent…

Another amazing and rich German beer to ensure your taste buds get to travel abroad. 

Paulaner always had the highest standards and their Hefe is up to them: fruity, cloudy and slightly bitter with a specific banana aftertaste, this beer is guaranteed to be a memorable pairing for a rich and spicy cake.

Our suggestion?

Banana bread with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg would compliment the complexity of the beer exquisitely.

Feeling fancy?

Go for a banoffee pie and your guests will become addicted to your parties.

Jever Pilsener, The Hoppy….

Germany certainly knows how to turn every beer into a remarkable experience for your tastebuds. 

This Pilsener, despite the relatively easy going nature of its kind, has a strong and consistent bitter aftertaste, making every food pairing of your choice literally hop in your mouth.

Given its crispness, it goes along really well with complex flavours and greasy foods.

Our suggestion?

Pizza, without questioning.

Feeling fancy?

Please, don’t: pizza is always a good idea. It’s stress free, and it’s an all time people pleaser.  

Fruh Kulsch, From Cologne With Love….

Brewed and produced in Cologne -hence, the “Koelsch ” adjective- the Fruh  Kulsch is a lager beer with a distinct dry and hoppy aftertaste with distinct citrus notes. Given its low alcohol content, and its peculiar texture and taste, it’s a nice and easy beer to drink guaranteed to please all your guests.

It goes along amazingly well with almost anything but we think the perfect match would be a well structured sandwich.

Our suggestion?

Pastrami on rye. 

Feeling fancy?

Prepare your own bread and jazz it up with swiss cheese, gherkins and honey. Nothing better than a delicious sandwich and a dry beer!

Now after all this beer talking we hope you’re thirsty for more! Get your party can now and start planning your next memorable get together and… Don’t forget to tag us on social media!