The creators of Delirium Tremens dreamt up the concept for their beer with one thing in mind: to be noticed.

Its signature pink elephant logo and ceramic bottles separate it from the norm immediately. But the unique nature of this beer doesn’t stop there.

As Huyghe Brewery’s flagship beer, the Delirium Tremens hold a special place in the heart of this relatively new company (founded in 1906).

While they lack in experience compared to other Belgian Breweries, the quality of their product is undeniable.

Why Delirium Tremens?

delirium tremens

Despite its elaborate branding, the Delirium Tremens has a short sharp list of ingredients.

In fact, its recipe includes only pale malt, Styrian Golding, three types of yeast, and water.

This gives the taste of the beer a crisp, simple palette. It allows the drinker to truly enjoy each separate ingredient.

While this beer is not the only one brewed by Huyghe Brewery, it makes up for a third of their production.

This is no surprise, if you take into account its ever-expanding fan base and prowess on the world stage.

In 1997, Delirium Tremens was nominated as the “best beer in the world”. One year later, it went on to win a gold medal during the 1998 World Beer Championships.

It’s All About The Taste

We know that the most important thing is the way a beer like this tastes. This isn’t a factor that Huyghe forgot about either.

A complex pale ail with a sweet finish, the Delirium Tremens has an intense yet refreshing flavour profile.

Despite its relatively few ingredients, hints of honey, spice and subtle citrus can be detected in its aromas.

Let’s not forget, too, that this brand of beer has one other interesting factor: its alcohol content is very high. Beer drinkers beware, this one will knock your socks off.

Delirium In Other Forms

It may come as no great shock to you that Delirium Tremens is not the only iteration of the Delirium brand.

At The Belgian Beer Company, we carry versions of Delirium for Christmas, as well as a dark red, fruity option with a hint of almonds.

The Delirium Red shares the signature ceramic bottle with the Tremens, but its taste is truly original.

Delirium Discovery Gift Pack Bottles and Glass

Mildly sour cherries add a final kick to this beer, expanding its taste profile and giving fans of fruity beer a definitive option if they’re looking to indulge in a Delirium.

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