I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Rodenbach and La Trappe but did you know that the breweries are owned by Swinkels Family Brewers? We didn’t until we started to work directly with them to stock some of their range at great prices! So who exactly are Swinkels and what else do they own?

Swinkels Family Brewers is one of the oldest family businesses in The Netherlands. They were founded over three hundred years ago. They own ten breweries in The Netherlands, Belgium and Ethiopia and brew over three hundred different beers. The following breweries are all owned by Swinkels:

  • Brewery Bavaria
  • Brewery Palm
  • Brewery Rodenbach
  • Brewery De Hoorn
  • Brewery De Molen
  • Brewery De Koningshoeven
  • Brewery Habesha
  • Holland Malt
  • CereX
  • Uiltje Brewing Company

Their beer range consists of some fairly well-known brands, such as La Trappe Trappist, De Molen, Rodenbach, Palm, Cornet and Steenbrugge but also Bavaria, Urthel, Estaminet, Bock and Uiltje Brewing Company – just to name a few!

We have put together a great mixed case of Swinkels Family Brewers’ beers for you to sample. It consists of twelve different beers and comes with a free Estaminet beer glass and beer mats. This not only makes for a great beer gift but also is ideal if you enjoy trying new beers. The Swinkels Family Brewers mixed beer case and glass contains:

  1. Rodenbach
  2. Rodenbach Grand Cru
  3. Rodenbach Alexander
  4. Rodenbach Fruitage
  5. La Trappe Blond
  6. La Trappe Tripel
  7. La Trappe Dubbel
  8. La Trappe Quadrupel
  9. Estaminet Pils
  10. Palm Export
  11. Cornet Oaked
  12. Op & Top
  13. Estaminet Glass

Not only can you sample a range of beers from different breweries with this mixed case but you can also try a wide variety of beers styles too. Rodenbach Fruitage and Alexander are both fruit flavoured Belgian beers. Rodenbach Grand Cru is a Flemish sour. Estaminet is a light lager whilst Cornet Oaked is aged in oak barrels.

La Trappe Trappist beers are brewed at Brewery De Koningshoeven and have been brewed under the supervision of Trappist Monks since 1884. It was the first Trappist Monastery in The Netherlands. We stock the La Trappe gift packs all year round as well as the following La Trappe Trappist beers, which are all available individually to buy:

  • La Trappe Blond
  • La Trappe Tripel
  • La Trappe Witte
  • La Trappe Puur
  • La Trappe Dubbel
  • La Trappe Quadrupel

Flemish sours are worth a mention here as we get a few emails from customers saying that their Rodenbach Grand Cru has “gone off” and tastes of vinegar. The Flanders Red-Brown Beer style is much like marmite – you either love it or hate it! This style of beer has a high acidic content so for some tastebuds, this is similar to drinking vinegar. Rodenbach Grand Cru is made from 1/3 young beer and 2/3 beer that has been matured in oak barrels for two years. It has won numerous beer awards.

All of our Belgian beers are available to buy by the bottle, not only does this give you a huge selection of beers to choose from but is perfect if you’ve not tried something before or are buying beers for somebody else. We also stock an array of branded beer glasses so you can fully experience the Belgian way of drinking.