Brouwerij De Molen is a small, craft beer brewery based in Bodegraven, Holland. It is roughly a 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam. It was founded in 2004 but since 2019 it’s been part of Swinkels Family Brewers. De Molen is well known for producing some great bottled beers. The brewery is known for combining things that wouldn’t normally go together and making it work. This is why their beers are named with two things that are joined by “&”. For example; Op & Top, Vuur & Vlam… De Molen actually means ‘The Mill’ in English. The brewery is based within an old 300 year old windmill, which is why there’s a windmill on their logo.

We have managed to secure some great discounts on three of their core beers giving our customers a whopping 50% off our usual retail price. Let me introduce you to the beers.

Vuur & Vlam is translated as Fire & Brimstone and it was given this name as the brewer made a mistake when creating this beer by using the wrong hops so he was all fire and brimstone (in a frenzy). It’s a great example of when making a mistake can actually be a good thing! Vuur & Vlam is a special IPA with an ABV of 6.2%. Various hops are used which gives this IPA a citrus and floral taste. It goes extremely well with spicy foods. You can buy 24 bottles of Vuur & Vlam at the special discounted price of £42.10 instead of £84.20. While stocks last.

Water & Vuur is translated as Water & Fire, which again are complete opposites. This is a NEIPA (New England India Pale Ale) that has an ABV of 6%. It is very fruity and quite hoppy, which makes it a perfect thirst-quenching beer. It pours cloudy and is best drunk between 4-6 degrees Celsius. At present, you can buy 24 bottles of Water & Vuur for £43.26, which is an impressive 50% off. While stocks last.

Op & Top is translated as Above & Beyond and it was given this name because it’s not a lager – it goes above and beyond that and is described as a pale ale. It’s 4.5% ABV so is a perfect sessional ale. It goes well with pizza. Buy 24 bottles of Op & Top for £36.45 at a special discounted price. While stocks last.

If you’ve not tried the De Molen beers before or want to buy a beer gift, then we’ve also put together a De Molen Mixed Case which consists of 4 bottles each of Vuur & Vlam, Water & Vuur and Op & Top. This is currently being sold at the discounted rate of £19.99 instead of £40.60. Did somebody mention Father’s Day?!

We also stock De Molen glasses so if you prefer to drink your beer in its authentic glass, then here’s the link.