Its time for summer drinks and as I’m writing this, it’s currently 36 degrees and no, I’m not abroad! It’s finally summer so there’s no better time to order in some refreshing drinks to quench your thirst. Even though we are called The Belgian Beer Company, we stock some amazing soft drinks and low alcohol beers – perfect if you don’t fancy a beer (if that’s a thing!). Let me introduce you to some of our most popular…

  1. Looza Fruit Juices

In Belgium, Looza is a well-known brand of fruit juices, made from real fruit. They were founded in 1947 and now create a good selection of fruit juices. It was originally set up in a fruit farm and was the first business to use the pasteurization technique with fruit juice. In 1958, the business was moved to a converted sugar factory in Borgloon and has stayed there ever since. In 1998, the PepsiCo Group acquired the company but kept the Looza name.

We sell a range of Looza Fruit Juices and they are available in packs of 24. They are ideal for the entire family. Kids love them over ice and they are also pretty good used as a mixer or as a base in a cocktail / mocktail.

Looza Strawberry Delight is by far the most popular and once you’ve tried it, you can understand why! Why not try this very simple but delicious mocktail…

  • Put a couple of ice-cubes into a glass.
  • Add slices of lime and washed halved fresh strawberries.
  • Pour in 1 bottle of Looza Strawberry Delight.
  • Garnish with mint leaves.
  1. Low Alcohol Beers

Low alcohol beers are great when it’s warm and breweries are starting to produce some amazing ones where flavour isn’t compromised. Schofferhofer Grapefruit is a great example of this. It is the world’s first wheat beer grapefruit mix. Produced in Germany by Schofferhofer, it is the first German brewery to produce a wheat beer made outside of Bavaria. Schofferhofer Grapefruit is a perfect 50/50 split of Hefeweizen (wheat) beer and fresh grapefruit juice. It has a strength of 2.5% ABV and comes in 50cl cans. Fresh, refreshing and thirst-quenching – what more do you need from a low alcohol beer?!

  1. fritz-kola

fritz-kola is a German soft drinks brand founded in 2002 by two friends who wanted to drink a cola high in caffeine. This is exactly what they created with fritz-kola. It contains 25mg of caffeine per 100ml. It is also made from real cola nut extract and natural caffeine. We sell it in packs of six and once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to buy another cola drink. We also stock fritz orangeade and lemonade and both are amazing. The fritz orangeade is made from 10.5% orange juice, 1.5% mandarin juice and 5% lemon juice. Again, these are perfect over ice or as a mixer.

  1. Alcohol-free Beers

There are some great alcohol-free beers available on the market at the moment. Our biggest seller is Jever Fun. It is a German non-alcoholic pilsener that is sugar free but full of character. This is created by gently removing the alcohol from the beer. It is also low in calories so perfect if you’re wanting to stay healthy.

Whatever you’re looking for this summer, we have you covered!