Fruit Belgian Beer Mixed Pack


Belgian fruit beers are ideal if you enjoy sweet, fruity flavours. We have picked six different types for you to try that are all relatively low in alcoholic content, compared to most other Belgian beers.

– Boon Kriek
Strength: 4.5% ABV
Size of Bottle: 37.5cl
Beer Description: One of the best tasting cherry beers, as it’s 100% fermented, aged in oak and uses 100% fruits.

– Floris Passion
Strength: 3.6% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: A wheat beer blended with passion fruit juice. Floris beers are brewed at the same brewery as Delirium Tremens – Brewery Huyghe. They were the first brewery to make fruit beers out of wheat beers, rather than lambic.

– Fruli
Strength: 4.1% ABV
Size of Bottle: 25cl
Beer Description: This delicious and refreshing Belgian fruit beer is a mixture of white beer and strawberry juice.

– Lindemans Cassis
Strength: 3.5% ABV
Size of Bottle: 25cl
Beer Description: A classic Belgian favourite, this blackcurrant flavoured beer is deep reddish-purple in colour with a refreshing and crisp taste. A lot of people mistake it for a sparkling wine. In 2016, it won a bronze medal at the World Beer Awards for the category of “Fruit Lambic”.

– Mongozo Coconut
Strength: 3.6% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: An exotic Belgian fruit beer, with the refreshing taste of coconut. It’s brewed by the Huyghe Brewery and is a Fair Trade beer.

– Timmermans Peche
Strength: 4% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: A sweet beer made with peaches that is medium-bodied and has moderate carbonation.   
Includes a BEER COMMENTS SHEET, which is great for developing your beer tasting skills!

Please email us once you’ve ordered if you are buying multiple packs for different people and want the packs to come in their own box as otherwise we will package them altogether to be environmentally-friendly.

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