Abbey / Trappist Belgian Mixed Pack


Abbey beers are either produced within a monastery or named after a defunct and fictitious abbey. Abbey beers come in various colours and tastes and are all medium to full bodied. It is only a Trappist beer if the beer is brewed by Monks.

– Chimay Red
Strength: 7% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: A dark Trappist beer that is the least strong compared to the other Chimay beers. It’s full bodied and smells of light fruity apricots.

Strength: 8% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: A spiced Flemish amber beer that has a very unusual glass. The name derives from an 18th century innkeeper and brewer, named Pauwel Kwak.

– Orval
Strength: 6.2% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: The abbey was founded in 1070 but today’s present buildings were constructed in 1925. The brewery started in 1931. The word Orval translates as “Golden Valley”. 

– St Bernardus Extra 4
Strength: 4.8% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: It’s a light gold coloured beer, full of character and taste, brewed with more hops than usual for a St Bernardus beer.

– St Feuillien Brune
Strength: 7.5% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: This brown, Abbey ale has a distinctive aroma and tastes of liquorice and caramel. It has won various beer awards.

– Westmalle Tripel
Strength: 9.5% ABV
Size of Bottle: 33cl
Beer Description: This Trappist beer (brewed by monks) is clear and golden with a fruity aroma. It is soft and creamy and is known as the “mother of all triples”.

Please email us once you’ve ordered if you are buying multiple packs for different people and want the packs to come in their own box as otherwise we will package them altogether to be environmentally-friendly.

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