We are always on the look-out to stock more amazing beers that are less well-known and available within the UK so are very pleased to have the opportunity to sell a range of Belgian beers by Haacht. Like us, they are a family-run, independent business and brew a great selection of beers that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

The Haacht Brewery was founded over one hundred years ago and now produce a staggering one hundred drinks. Four generations of the Haacht family have managed and grown the brewery and they are now the third largest Pilsener brewery on the Belgian market.

We are now stocking nine of their beers but hope to expand the range shortly:

Tongerlo Blond, otherwise known as Tongerlo Lux, is a blond Belgian Abbey beer with an ABV of 6%. It has won numerous beer awards, including winning a silver medal at the International Beer Challenge 2021. It undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, which gives the beer a more intense taste and aroma. As with all refermented beers, the beer continues to evolve and change as time goes on and, in my opinion, gets better with age. The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is completely normal with refermented beers and depending on your preference, it can be gently swirled into the beer, drank separately at the end (in a sediment glass if you have one) or discarded. Tongerlo Blond is best served at 8 degrees Celsius.

Tongerlo Brown, otherwise known as Tongerlo Nox, is a dark Belgian Abbey beer with an ABV of 6.5%. It has also won various beer awards, including a bronze medal at the International Beer Challenge 2021. Tongerlo Brown also undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. Expect to taste notes of vanilla, chocolate and cooked banana. Darker beers should be drunk slightly warmer than blond beers so this is best served at 10 degrees Celsius.

Tongerlo Tripel is also called Tongerlo Prior and is a strong Belgian Abbey Triple beer with an ABV of 9%. As with the other two Tongerlo beers, it has won various beer awards, including a medal for Best European Blond Beer in the Abbey / Trappist category at the World Beer Awards 2011. Tongerlo Tripel is more hoppy than the Blond and best served at 7 degrees Celsius.

Mystic Cherry is the brewery’s only fruit flavoured beer but what a cherry beer it is! Rather than it being sour, like a lot of cherry beers, it is sweet and refreshing. At only 3.5% ABV, this makes a perfect sessional, summer drink. In 2018, it was classed as the World’s Best Fruit Beer at the World Beer Awards. Cherry juice is added to a wheat beer to produce Mystic Cherry and no preservatives are added. It is best drunk at 3 degrees Celsius. It was first launched in 2006.

Primus is the brewery’s flagship beer. It is a light pilsner with an ABV of 5.2%. It was awarded a gold medal at the International Beer Challenge 2021 for the category of Lager / Pilsner. It pours clear and has a fine head.

The Super 8 range includes an IPA, a wheat beer, a lager and a blond beer. All are award winning beers and definitely worth trying if you’ve not already done so.

We have put together a Haacht Brewery mixed case which consists of all 9 beers and a free Super 8 beer glass. This is great if you want to try the complete range plus it also makes a perfect beer gift. If you are a lager fan, then you might want to buy the Primus pack – this consists of 8 bottles of Primus and a free Primus glass.